Live Life Your Way at The Willows

Live Life Your Way at The Willows

We designed and built The Willows with a particular vision — to provide affordable, high-quality homes in a convenient Blackfalds location. We discovered the desire from young families and first-time home buyers to live near their work and the benefits of the city, but to put it all behind them at the end of the day. The Willows Community is just this. The ideal compromise between urban and suburban, at an unrivaled price point.

But, affordability and location are just the beginning.

High quality at a lower cost.

This decade has seen the rise in popularity of condos for first time home buyers. No longer just for downsizers and retirees, many modern condo developments are built with young families in mind. Changing lifestyles and rising housing prices have increased the demand for superior quality on a budget. Condos offer a caliber of home at a price that simply isn’t possible in a detached house.

Here are a few things to expect.

We started with bright and open floorplans designed for the modern lifestyle. Then, we finished each home with features like granite countertops, premium wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, custom cut window coverings, and much more. What other builders consider extras, we consider standard. This provides an exceptional house that you’ll be able to make your home in no time — customizing and decorating without the hard-to-manage costs of a detached house.

Check out the awesome design for the Meadowlark, and imagine what you might do with it here. Or, try out this virtual tour.

Making the most of your time.

The workplace has changed. The job doesn’t always end when you leave the office, and there’s more going on than ever to take you away from what’s important. Less leisure time has made keeping up with things like lawn care and snow shoveling even more annoying. There comes a point when the juggling act between work and life won’t allow for another ball in the air. That’s why so many young professionals have looked to condo living as their ideal solution. Why not have your outdoor maintenance outsourced to free up your time? Learn more about NewRock’s maintenance free lifestyle here.

An optimal location.

Okay, so you don’t have to cut the lawn. But what about your commute? Doesn’t the peace and quiet of small-town living come at the cost of an hour or more of driving a day? No. The Willows is ideally located in Blackfalds, meaning you’ll only spend a mere twenty minutes driving to work in downtown Red Deer — we double checked. In short, The Willows lets you get away without going away.

To learn more about this community or to book a tour, reach out to Shantel at (403) 396-0721 or