Meadowview Point: Opening the Door to Homeownership

Meadowview Point: Opening the Door to Homeownership

Meadowview Point

When our NewRock team put our heads together to decide on a new project in Saskatoon, we wondered what style of home was missing from the market, and what we could do to genuinely improve the lives of the people here.

The answer stuck out like a Bombers jersey in a sea of Rider green.

High prices, tightening mortgage regulations, economic uncertainty, and a stagnant housing market prevent would-and-should-be homeowners from taking the first step on the path to economic freedom, and young professionals are left with the heaviest feet among us. Unable to save up a significant portion of their income, the city’s youngest and brightest are too often stuck in the renter’s trap: making just enough money to get by month to month, but not enough to put a dent in the concrete barrier to entry that the down payment creates. We set out to change that.

Are you financially ready to own your own home, but unable to save up for a down payment while also paying rent? If you answered with an emphatic ‘yes’, call us today at (306) 974-1501 and find out if you qualify for a full down payment grant or any of our other exciting financial assistance programs. Over the years, through programs like these and exclusive industry partnerships, we’ve opened the door to homeownership to countless Canadians. 

But, we weren’t content just getting you into any old home — we want to get you into your home: one that reflects your modern lifestyle; one that doesn’t sacrifice quality for efficiency, or comfort for cost-effectiveness.

We flew through the files of our past projects, spanning three provinces and eight cities, and hand-picked the best and most popular aspects of each one. Here’s where we landed.

Constructed in an innovative and inherently cost-effective multistory layout, these homes allow excellence and affordability to live comfortably under the same roof. Add to that exceptional standard features and modern, well thought-out floorplans, and homes at Meadowview Point are miles ahead of the starting line when compared with other so-called starter homes.

From your first meeting with our team, you’ll be introduced to 13 unique floorplans inspired by our past successes as well as countless conversations with homeowners. Upon choosing, you’ll then begin hand-selecting your desired options and upgrades from a long (trust us, its really long) list of possibilities.

We’ll provide you with an exceptional template, and then help you take the dream home out of your head and bring it into your life. Down to the finest detail, our NewRock Team is committed to crafting your first home to suit your unique needs and sense of style.

To learn more, check out our website! And to book a tour of our 210 Rajput Way showhome, or to start exploring the possibilities of life at Meadowview Point, give us a call at (306) 974-1501.