The Advantages of an Open Floorplan

The Advantages of an Open Floorplan


With ten active projects ranging from bungalow condos to multistory developments, it’s no stretch to say that our NewRock Team enjoys building a wide variety of home styles for Canadians of different ages, wages, and lifestyles. But while variety might be the spice of our professional lives, a Commitment to Care & Quality is certainly the substance. That’s why — no matter the price, province, or project — every home we build features an open and efficient floorplan designed to maximize the functionality of your home and the enjoyment you get from it.

Let’s explore a few of the advantages of owning a home with an open floorplan.

Making the Most of Your Home

Homes designed with traditional floorplans can feel closed-off and smaller than they actually are. Unnecessary walls take up more than their fair share of space, too many corners give the impression that the home is rigid, and you’re forced to position your furniture according to the arbitrary layout of the rooms.

On the other hand, open floorplans leave your home looking fresh and spacious, and allow you to use every bit of square footage as you see fit. If you want to set up a more formal dining area, you can! If you want to go for a minimalistic look and enjoy an extended living space, that’s cool too! The idea is to give you full creative control over your home!

Natural Light

Unless it’s walls are made of glass, a home built with a traditional, closed-off floorplan is likely to block natural light and keep it from emanating throughout the home. When winter hits and an afternoon picnic ceases to be a viable option, you’re left with a boring — and potentially unhealthy — lack of sunlight.

Open floorplans are just the opposite. From your living room through to your kitchen, as long as the blinds are open and the sun is out, you’re home will be warm and naturally bright.

Social Cohesion

Above all else, the most important aspect of any home is whether it inhibits or enables the lifestyle you most want to live. And as we all know, few things are as vital to a good life as healthy relationships. In a home built with a traditional floorplan, it can be difficult to maintain a conversation with your loved ones when you’re not in the same area of the house.

By contrast, an open floorplan — which minimizes the barriers between rooms — facilitates communication and allows you to feel closer to those around you.

More than just good-looking homes, our NewRock Team is committed to building functional living spaces that genuinely improve your day-to-day experience. To find a community near you built with Care & Quality, browse our Communities Page.