The Fourth and Final Phase of Ridgestone Villas is Now Selling!

The Fourth and Final Phase of Ridgestone Villas is Now Selling!

Our NewRock Developments team is happy to announce that the Fourth and Final Phase of Ridgestone Villas is now selling! Located in the up-and-coming College Heights neighborhood, the final phase of these outstanding townhomes is expected to sell out fast!

If you’re interested in seizing this opportunity to purchase a well-built, affordable home in a great area, book a tour of our 6798 Westgate Ave showhome today by calling Sandra at (250) 617-6844.

In the meantime, let’s explore a few of the benefits and perks of life at Ridgestone Villas.

The Dayton

Inspired by our years of industry experience and countless conversations with insightful homeowners, The Dayton was designed with a modern lifestyle in mind. Efficient and open, with a long list of available options and upgrades, this floorplan is flexible enough to fit your lifestyle: whatever that may be. In short, The Dayton provides the perfect template for turning your house into a home you may never want to leave.

The townhome design of the community — with its inherent cost-savings — is especially well-suited to first-time homeowners and young families in search of a little more space. Because the costs of construction are spread out among the many homes built in unison, at Ridgestone Villas, you can own a home that’s built better, bigger, and at a lower price than the next best option. At 1400 sqft, featuring a two-story layout, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and exceptional standard features, The Dayton is equipped with more than enough space and designed efficiently so as not to waste any.

College Heights

Ridgestone Villas is located in the up-and-coming College Heights neighborhood. From your front door, you’ll be just a few minutes from great shopping, dining, and recreational destinations. And if kids are — or are going to be — in the picture, Ridgestone Villas is conveniently near to a handful of schools. Follow this link to our 6798 Westgate Ave showhome and explore the College Heights area.

The Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

Whether building a career, raising a family, enjoying your social life, or all three combined keep you from having the time to bother with outdoor maintenance, at Ridgestone Villas, we got you covered! With a low monthly condo fee of just $217, grass, landscaping, snow, as well as repairs on siding and roofing will never again keep you from maximizing your time!

Regardless of what it is about Ridgestone Villas that initially appeals to you, we’re confident that you’ll love these outstanding College Heights townhomes. To learn more, book a tour of our 6798 Westgate Ave showhome by reaching out to Sandra at (250) 617-6844, or check out our website.

And with our final phase selling now, don’t wait!