NewRock Retrospective: A Look Back at 2018

NewRock Retrospective: A Look Back at 2018

2018 has been a fantastic year for our NewRock Developments Team. All across Western Canada, we’ve had a busy construction season and are now looking forward to an equally productive winter!

In the coming months, we’ll be finishing and opening showhomes, wrapping up now sold-out communities such as The Grand, and continuing to build homes with Care & Quality all throughout Western Canada.

Here’s a quick look at where we’re at and where we’re headed!

Ridgestone Villas

The 3rd Phase of these townhomes — located in the College Heights neighborhood of Prince George — is nearly sold out. To keep up with the high demand for affordable, family-oriented homes, our team is hard at work to build the 4th and Final Phase of Ridgestone Villas.

With sales and construction well-underway, we’re expecting this project to be completed by the summer of 2019.

Ridgewood Landing

Located not far from Ridgestone Villas, Ridgewood Landing is a community of bungalows condos designed for Exceptional Adult Living.  Situated in the University Heights neighborhood of Prince George, Ridgewood Landing is the newest addition to our NewRock Developments Team’s Estates-Line: featuring five active projects throughout Western Canada. A few months ago, we broke ground at this exciting new community and held an event to celebrate the occasion. Over 300 attended throughout the day to learn more about the homes, the features we’re offering, and the benefits of pre-buying!

Since then, we’ve nearly sold out of Phase 1 and 2! With foundation-work and servicing well under-way, we’re expecting our showhome to be open — and many of the pre-sold homes to be completed — by early summer. Stay tuned to keep in touch with all-things Ridgewood Landing.

LivingStone Estates

Moving on to Alberta, we’ve been making exciting progress on LivingStone Estates in West Lethbridge.

One of our most recent projects, LivingStone Estates is a community of well-built bungalow condos located in the up-and-coming Garry Station neighborhood. Near to many new residential and business developments, this West Lethbridge community has become exceedingly popular among downsizers and active retirees.

On August 11th, we celebrated the Grand Opening of two showhomes at LivingStone Estates. Since then, our construction team has been hard at work to keep pace with sales. We’ve completed Phase 1, and will have much of Phase 2 finished soon!

Southlands Gate

Located in our hometown, Southlands Gate has been a hit among downsizers and active retirees in Medicine Hat. Only 3 of the initial 32 homes remain unsold, and our construction team is making steady progress on the construction of the last building.

Based off of the warm reception and success of Southlands Gate, we’re already planning another Estates-Style community in Medicine Hat. To be the first to know about the location, pricing, and schedule of this forthcoming project, like and stay tuned to our Facebook Page!

Creekstone Estates

Several months ago, we sold out of the 1st Phase of Creekstone Estates. To celebrate, we took the time to host a get-together for everyone in this newly-formed community. The event marked an exciting milestone in the project and was an incredible evening for all.

Walking into the dining room or onto the deck was like joining a group of friends who’d known each other for years. For our NewRock Team, this served as a great reminder of why we do what we do.

Well before construction began, we saw the potential of this Moose Jaw community. Beautiful country views and a convenient proximity to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment made this Bradley Street neighborhood an ideal location for an Estates Community. So, we built just that: bungalow condos featuring our three tried-and-true floorplans — the Newport, Westport, and Bridgeport.

Since then, we’ve officially launched and began selling Phase 2 of Creekstone Estates! Interest in the community has remained strong, and we’re excited to add to this already remarkable community. Stay tuned for exciting announcements to come.

Savanna Estates

Located in Pilot Butte, Savanna Estates is a community of bungalow condos that allows homeowners to enjoy country-living without sacrificing the benefits of the city. Just a few minutes from core-areas of Regina, this Estates-Style Community is set to become a popular destination for retirees from all over.

We held a Grand Opening event for the Savanna Estates showhome on June 16th. Since then, sales have been strong and our construction team has been hard at work. Progress will continue all throughout the winter months, and soon, we’ll be welcoming the first homeowners to this fantastic community.

Meadowview Point

After selling out of the successful Meadowview Terrace community, our team was excited to launch another project in Saskatoon.

At Meadowview Point — located in the growing Evergreen neighborhood — we’re proud to be building Saskatoon’s Most Affordable Homes! Featuring full down payment grants and many other unique financial assistance programs, this community was designed to help young professionals and growing families step out of Saskatoon’s rental market and into their own homes.

Well built and modern, these condo-style homes — parts of an integrated, cost-effective multi-story community — are as exceptional as they are affordable. Check out this article to learn more about the floorplans and features offered at Meadowview Point.

With foundations laid and finishings now happening on a few of our first buildings, we’re expecting an especially busy and productive winter here in Saskatoon!

With the new year nearly upon us, our team is looking back on what’s been a memorable 2018! We’re thankful to have met and worked with all those who decided to build with us this season, and excited to continue on our mission to improve homeownership throughout Western Canada for many years to come!