Our Team

Cam Ens

President & CEO

President and Co-Founder of NewRock Developments, Cam has over twenty-three years of experience in the real estate development and construction industry. Bringing a wide range of expertise to NewRock, Cam specializes in development planning, financing, and marketing. His responsibilities include corporate direction, project development, site selection, funding, cash planning, and the supervision of sales and marketing activity.

Rob Whitten

VP of Operations and Co-Founder of NewRock Developments

Rob has over twenty-five years in the construction and real estate development industry. His experience includes single family housing projects, tendering and general contracting, and construction management for multi-family condominiums and assisted living care facilities. Robs responsibilities at NewRock are many, including: the coordination of design and development, project scheduling, budget preparation and monitoring, coordinating with local building authorities, tendering, cost control and overall leadership of the construction team.

Kirk Wright

Chief Financial Officer

Kirk’s background is in financial services — with extensive project lending experience for a major chartered bank. He was one of the first to join the NewRock team back in 2009. His responsibilities include debt financing, negotiations, accounting, tax planning, land acquisition and feasibility studies. He also works as the liaison with municipalities, CMHC, and other government agencies.

Cory Strobel

Development & Construction Service Manager

Cory joined the NewRock team in 2013 with over eighteen years of project management and land development experience. His roles include coordinating with government agencies and other authorities to obtain approvals for projects, as well as working with construction to make sure things are going according to plan. Cory also oversees customer service and related policies for NewRock — working with the team to provide the best possible service possible to NewRock buyers.

Kaleb Motz

Marketing Director

Kaleb brings his diverse background in sales management and marketing to the NewRock team. His day-to-day responsibilities ensure that corporate and community marketing plans, messaging, and branding are effective and on track — taking an active role in all forms advertising and promotion. Kaleb also works closely with sales to track marketing performance and to make sure clients have the best possible experience during every interaction with NewRock Developments.

Dawn Brown

Accounting Manager

Dawn has over twenty years of accounting experience and has been with NewRock since the beginning. Dawn left the medical field in 1994 to pursue a career in accounting, and over the last twenty years, has worked in everything from oil & gas to manufacturing and construction. Dawn leads a team of four accounting technicians and is responsible for overseeing all daily & monthly accounting activities for the NewRock and its group of companies.

Julie Sweet

Office Manager

Julie joined the NewRock team in 2011 after close to ten years working in banking and customer service. As the office manager, Julie oversees the day-to-day duties of reception, customer service, and ensures seamless communication between all major departments. Julie also helps take care of items related to national home warranty, insurance administration, and sales process for all NewRock projects.

Darrick Muth

Manager of Operations

Darrick is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and manages operations for various projects and cities. He has been part of the NewRock team since 2011 and brings 17 years of experience building residential and multi-storey condominium developments. His roles include site selection, project design, tendering, cost monitoring and overall construction management. Currently, Darrick spends most his time overseeing the success of NewRock’s projects in the Saskatchewan market.

To contact any member of the team, checkout our contact page or call the NewRock head office at (403) 529 – 1023