Escape the Snow & Enjoy Your Home!

Escape the Snow & Enjoy Your Home!

Experience Winter Maintenance Free

For many Canadians, winter is a time to reflect on the passing year, enjoy the holiday season, and… shovel snow.

Fortunately, our NewRock Team is building homes near you that — in addition to being exceptionally built — allow you to live maintenance-free. Spend time enjoying your new home, traveling, or pursuing your passions — but whatever you do, make this your last season shoveling!

The Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

For as little as $160 per month in communities like Southlands Gate, homeowners are freed from the obligations of exterior maintenance!

Rather than building single-family, detached homes, our team builds well-integrated condominium-communities. As the homes within a community begin to sell, a condo board forms. Comprised of homeowners — each of which has a vote on important issues — the condo board is responsible for allocating the funds generated from the monthly fees toward hiring property managers, paying for exterior repairs on individual homes, and maintaining the overall quality of the community.

By pooling small amounts of their respective resources together, condo-owners are able to avoid shoveling snow, cutting grass, and doing yard-work.

The desire of Canadians to live maintenance-free is largely responsible for the growing popularity of condo-living across age-groups and demographics. Whether you’re interested in a bungalow condo designed for downsizers and active retirees, a well-sized and affordable townhome, or owning your first home without making any down payment, the maintenance-free lifestyle has something to offer you!

Chatting with NewRock homeowners, a common thing we hear is how relieving a maintenance-free lifestyle can be. Whether working, raising kids, or traveling keeps you from having the time, or you’re just sick of spending your mornings behind a shovel, this feature of NewRock living is sure to improve your day-to-day experience.

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