Escaping Winter Has Never Been Easier!

Escaping Winter Has Never Been Easier!


Winter, with its harsh temperatures and heavy snowfalls, is a part of reality for us in the north. For this reason, many Canadians — especially those of us who are retired — view these months as ideal times to travel!

This approach makes a lot of sense: enjoy Canada at its warmest and escape it at its coldest. Yet for many homeowners, the obligations of exterior maintenance make winter getaways either untenable or — if you decide to hire a property management group — expensive.

To solve this problem, our team is building Estates-Style Communities across Western Canada that allow homeowners to live maintenance-free!

Ready to ditch the shovel and kick back at the beach? Here’s how you can do it — hassle and stress-free.

By paying a low monthly condo fee — much less than you’d pay to have a detached home maintained — Estates-Style homeowners are freed from the obligations of snow-shovelling, lawn-care, and exterior repairs. We call this the maintenance-free lifestyleand it’s easily one of the most celebrated aspects of our Adult Living Communities. Travel at your leisure, knowing in advance that your home and community will be properly cared for.

As an added benefit, we do all we can to reduce the costs of these homes without lowering their quality. By building these bungalow condos as parts of larger, integrated communities, we’re able to take advantage of economies of scale and offer them at unmatched price points. In fact, many NewRock residents are left in the fortunate position of having money left over after the sale of their current home and the purchase of their Estates-home.

No matter what your plans are — whether you dream of heading south to escape the cold, or would simply like to spend more time enjoying your home — we’re confident that you’ll love these bungalow condos and the lifestyle they enable. If you’d like to learn more about the reality-tested floorplans or fantastic standard features offered within these communities, check out this article. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of pre-buying — about how you can work with our team to customize one of these floorplans into a home specifically suited to you — check out this article!

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