Planning Ahead For Your New Home

Planning Ahead For Your New Home

Making your next move your best move

Making your next move your best move

With all the changes moving brings, designing and decorating your new space can often be overlooked. But, it shouldn’t be — how you settle into a house is what makes it feel like home. So, resist the urge to start shopping without a plan. Spontaneity can be great, but you don’t want to move in and find out that brand new jute area rug and your vintage camel-back couch don’t belong in the same neighborhood.

To help, we’ve come up with a list of pointers that will aid you in proactively turning your new home into the beautiful, functional living space you’ve always wanted. Save time, money, and more than a few headaches with this advice from our NewRock team.

Imagining the New Home

Whether you’re still shopping or have already found the perfect house, you’ll need to put your creativity to use and start imagining the space and how you want to use it. Consider things like:  What key feature of the house would you like to make it’s focal point? What’s the overall feel of your home? Bright, open and modern? Or cozy, comforting and traditional? What colors are in each room? What’s the first thing guests will see when they walk in? Brainstorm, and think of anything else that will define your home and sense of style.

Your plan doesn’t need to be exact. In fact, it never will be. Just pick a few principles and stick to them — it will make decisions easier down the line.

It’s safe to say your new home will be quite different from your current one. Using the resources you have — floor-plans, photos, or notes and memories from your show home walk-through — picture the differences between the two. Or, if you’re a recent NewRock homeowner, use our Communities Page to find the development you’re in, and take advantage of our 3D virtual tours.

Inevitably, the sizes, styles, and layouts of the rooms will be different from your old house. In comparing the two, you can start to imagine which aspects of your former home you want to incorporate, and which ones you’d like to freshen up.

Taking Stock

With any move, there are things to keep and things to go.

After you’ve thought about what your new home will look like, ask yourself what old items will fit into this new picture? Some of what you have will be perfect — matching the feel of your home and your sense of style to a tee. Others might have sentimental value and familial significance, making them difficult to part with. In either case, you probably have some great pieces that would find their way into any home. Find unique ways to incorporate them into your new style.

However, there will be things you’ll be happy to get rid of.

Start by making a list of stuff to keep and stuff to go. For those items that don’t make the cut, groups like Bidding Battles and websites like Kijiji can be great for turning those unwanted items into the cash needed for newer and better things. Other, less valuable items can be donated, recycled, thrown away, or ceremoniously burned (safely, of course).

The Fun Part

With a well thought out plan and a good idea of what you’ll need, it’s times to let the fun begin and start shopping.

The best approach is to combine online and in-store shopping. Some items you’ll need to see in person. For others, the convenience of online shopping will allow for more creativity and less compromise.

How many days, weeks, or months are there until you move-in? The ‘when’ of moving will affect when certain purchases are best made. Obviously, furniture and big-ticket items are most easily shipped and delivered once, so wait on those. Other, smaller things — appliances and decorations — can be ordered and stored away if doing so now will simplify things during move-in week. It might seem easier to buy them later, but having to make shopping arrangements during an already hectic week can be unnecessarily stressful.

Making Your House a Home

Once you’ve thought through the vision and done the legwork, it’s time to make it real. The satisfaction underlying all the hard work and difficult decisions is realized when your new place starts to feel like home. It might take some time, or it could happen the moment you step through the door — but, with some careful forethought and some intentional planning, your transition is sure to be a great and memorable experience.

We hope this helps! If we missed anything be sure to follow us on Facebook and let us know.