Enjoy Your Next Home Rush and Repair-Free!

Enjoy Your Next Home Rush and Repair-Free!

If you read one of our recent articles, you’ll know that the process of pre-buying allows you to play an active role in the design of your home. From features and upgrades to flooring and wall colours, purchasing an unfinished NewRock condo puts the important stylistic and functional decisions in your hands. This week, we’ll explore a few of the more practical advantages to buying your next home before its fully built.

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Built Right & Brand New

Exciting and rewarding as it might be to buy and renovate a fixer-upper, the fact is: older homes often require expensive and unexpected repairs — not to mention a whole lot of time and attention. If you have the skillset and schedule to take on the challenges that come with renovating, then a fixer-upper might be right for you. If not, an older house might be more trouble (and money) than its worth.

On the other hand, when you pre-buy a home from NewRock, you’re ensuring that the place you’ll call home is brand new, built using top-of-the-line, durable materials, and constructed according to the latest industry standards. In other words, you can be confident in the quality and condition of your home.

Time to Think

Depending on when you buy, it might be a few months before you get to move into your new home. While we understand your excitement and desire to move in tomorrow, this period between purchase and possession offers you a chance to be thorough with your move and to plan accordingly. You’ll likely have an apartment to empty or perhaps even a home to sell. Regardless, this time — whether six weeks or six months — allows you to plan your transition smoothly and make your move stress-free.

And, if you do have a house to sell, this time can provide you with the cushion you need to get it sold at a price you’re comfortable with. Nice as your past place might be, the real estate market can be unpredictable. The process of pre-buying buys you, in general, at least a few months to take care of these important practical considerations.

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