The Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

The Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

The Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

The Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

Across Western Canada, our NewRock Team is building a wide variety of projects for Canadians from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking to downsize in Northern BC, purchase your first home for your growing family in Saskatoon, or buy an affordable townhome in an up-and-coming part of Alberta, one thing is certain: your time is valuable.

That’s true whether you plan on spending your twenties building a meaningful career, your thirties and forties raising a family, or your golden years travelling the world. In each and every case, what’s most important is that your life is designed so that you can optimize your schedule and spend more time doing the things that matter to you.

Realizing this, and because we’re committed to bringing Care & Quality to everything we do, each NewRock Community is designed to allow you to live a maintenance-free lifestyle. Here’s how it works.

Leaving Exterior Maintenance Behind

By paying a low monthly condo fee — far less than you’d pay to have a detached home looked after — you’ll be able to ditch your shovel and sell your lawn-mower. Among other things, living maintenance-free ensure that your grass will be cut, your snow will be shovelled, and many types of exterior repairs to your home will be handled — all hassle-free.

The reason that NewRock homeowners are able to afford these services for so little money is that, rather than single-family, detached homes, we build well-integrated condominium-communities. As the homes within a particular community begin to sell, a condo board forms. Comprised of homeowners — each of which has a vote on important issues — the condo board is responsible for allocating the funds generated from the monthly fees toward hiring property managers, paying for exterior repairs on individual homes, and maintaining the overall quality of the community. In this way, homeowners are able to pool small amounts of their resources together, take advantage of economies of scale, and live simpler, more relaxed lives.

Tino, a homeowner at the now sold-out Southlands Gate in Medicine Hat, had this to say about living and travelling maintenance-free.

“We don’t have to arrange to have people come and cut the grass or shovel the snow. We can come and go as we want.”

Regardless of how you plan on spending your time — Wintering in Mexico, camping with the kids all Summer, or pursuing your professional passions — we’re confident that the maintenance-free lifestyle will affect your day-to-day experience in a meaningful way.

To discover exceptional homes being built near you, browse our Communities Page. To hear more of what Tino and Yvonne had to say about life in a NewRock Community, check out the video below.