Exploring the Benefits of Adult Living Communities

Exploring the Benefits of Adult Living Communities

An Adult Living Community is a preplanned, age-targeted housing development designed for people forty and over — an emerging style of neighborhood popular with empty-nesters and downsizers alike.

For some people, it’s a recent life event, and for others, it’s a long overdue transition. Either way, the decision to downsize is a great way to freshen up your lifestyle while increasing financial freedom and stability.

Buying a home in an Adult Living Community brings along benefits that traditional neighborhoods just can’t. Here are a few reasons why these communities are gaining popularity so quickly!

Peace and Quiet

Purchasing a home in an Adult Living Community helps ensure the maturity of your neighbors. At the least, you’re not likely to find a baseball through your window or beer cans in your backyard. Not so surprisingly, recent empty-nesters are often the most eager to resettle into this style of community. Children are great, and many homeowners look forward to visits from the grand-kids. But nevertheless, once your own children are out of the house, you might enjoy the transition into an age-specific neighborhood.

For recent empty-nesters and non-parents alike, Adult Living Communities provide the comfort and pace of life many are searching for.

Expanding Your Social Circle

In addition to peace and quiet, Adult Living Communities provide unique social opportunities. These aren’t retirement villages. These communities are built with active adults in mind.

This means that when you purchase your home, it comes with the community.  And unlike traditional communities, you’ll know what sort of a neighbor situation you’re getting yourself into. Enjoy the benefits of surrounding yourself with people who share your lifestyle or are in the same phase of life.

Simply put, moving is a way to revitalize your social circle.

When designing these communities, builders double-down on the belief that targeting this particular demographic — people above forty who are either looking to make a strong end to their career or are already settling into retirement — will create dynamic, active, and tight-knit communities. So far, they’ve been right.

NewRock’s own Adult Living Communities have been a big social success, with happy and well-connected residents in each Estates-style community throughout Western Canada.

Lowered Cost of Living

One of the biggest reasons people choose to downsize is the savings. Big houses are great, but are they as great as an extra vacation or two a year? When you move into a smaller home, expect the following:

  • Reduced monthly expenses.
  • Fewer real estate taxes.
  • Lower utility costs.
  • Lower insurance costs.

Add to that the fact that a new home won’t need renovations, and repairs are likely to be covered by warranty. Look forward to reducing your own stress, as well as the stress your current home puts on your wallet.

A less expensive house also offers you the chance to purchase luxury items for your new home. Furniture. Electronics. You name it. Remember that old adage… quality over quantity?

Travel and Lifestyle

Vacations are often quite expensive! Lucky for you, our homes are not. We work hard to offer exceptional value at affordable price points. It’s actually quite likely that the home you live in now is worth more than a NewRock built bungalow condo, located in one of our Adult Living Communities!

And, most premium Adult Living Communities take care of your lawn, snow removal, and all other outdoor maintenance… freeing you up to take off for a few weeks without enlisting the help of friends or family! To learn more about the maintenance-free lifestyle, check out our article here.

Lowering costs and freeing up your time will also lead to a simpler lifestyle. Minimalism is more than just the latest trend. It’s a real, actionable way to reorganize your life — with real psychological benefits. It’s also not anything new. When you clean your desk or delete unnecessary conversations off of your phone, you’re using minimalism to declutter your life.

The real trick is to scale up and use minimalism for the big things — like home ownership.

Applying minimalism to your home allows you to take an intentional look at your surroundings and everything that you own. We often don’t see the need to declutter, or have the ability to re-prioritize when we’re so used to our current environment. Making a move, especially to a smaller home, is a great way to gain a fresh perspective while clearing old or unused possessions from our lives.

Downsizing provides the opportunity to take stock of your possessions, to travel, and perhaps even to make a few upgrades. But no matter what you choose to do, moving can reinvigorate your life and save you cash in the process.

To find an Adult Living Community near you, browse our Communities Page.