Things to Consider if You’re Considering Downsizing

Things to Consider if You’re Considering Downsizing

Over the last decade, demand has steadily risen for homes that are well-suited to the needs and desires of downsizers: people who, after owning larger houses for most of their adult lives, are ready to settle down into something a bit more manageable. If you’re thinking about downsizing, be sure to take these three things into consideration before deciding on a place to call home.

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While there’s certainly much more to a home than its price-tag, it’s equally true that one of the best things about downsizing is the chance to pocket some cash after the sale of your current home. 

In addition to purchasing smaller, less expensive homes, many downsizers have turned to condo-living for the cost-saving benefits that come along with it. By building individual homes as parts of integrated communities, developers such as ourselves are able to employ economies of scale, cut construction costs, and build homes that are worth far more than they cost!


After factoring in cost and quality, you’ll also want to consider the functional features that will ensure you can comfortably stay in your own home. Stairs, the obligations of exterior maintenance, and closed-off floorplans can cause a great deal of grief for older homeowners. As you begin searching for your next property, keep a lookout for features like main-floor living!

In addition to being highly convenient, main-floor living helps to ensure that you’ll be able to live in your home for many decades to come. If you decide to purchase a bungalow condo in any of our Estates-Style Communities, you’ll enjoy an efficient laundry area, an extended living space, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms — all without ascending a single interior stair!


Much as cost-effectiveness and practicality factor into the equation, we also recognize that many downsizers are in the market because they want to switch up their living spaces and improve their lifestyles. Settling into retirement, you might start to feel that its time for a new home — one that increases your quality of life and suits your style.

With these factors in mind, many downsizers have turned to communities that are fully cared for. By paying low monthly condo fees — far less than they’d pay to have detached homes looked after — homeowners in these communities are able to ditch their shovels, sell their lawn-mowers, and travel worry-free year-round! To learn more about living maintenance-free in an Estates-Style Community near you, check out this article.

Having already owned a house or two, its also probably the case that you’ve developed a particular sense of style and a specific vision for the look and feel of your next home. Accordingly, you may want to limit your search to homes that can be designed from the ground up. One of the most common things we hear from our homeowners is how much fun they had designing their units. If you decide to purchase a condo in any of our active communities, you’ll be able to choose the colours, features, and upgrades that will bring it to life and make it your own! To learn more about the NewRock customization process, check out this article.

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And while you’re here, be sure to watch the video below to hear what Tino and Yvonne — two homeowners in the now sold-out Southlands Gate in Medicine Hat — have to say about life in an Estates-Style Community.