Exploring the Benefits of Adult Living Communities

Exploring the Benefits of Adult Living Communities

Adult Living Communities are preplanned, age-targeted housing developments designed for folks forty and over. And in recent years, they’ve quickly ascended in popularity.

For some, it’s a recent life event, and for others, it’s a long overdue transition — either way, the decision to downsize is a great way to freshen up your lifestyle and increase your degree of financial freedom.

Here are a few reasons why downsizing in an Adult Living Community might be right for you.

Peace & Quiet

Purchasing a home in an Adult Living Community helps ensure the maturity of your neighbors. At the least, you’re not likely to find a baseball through your window or beer cans in your backyard. Not so surprisingly, recent empty-nesters are often the most eager to resettle into this style of community. Children are great, and many homeowners look forward to visits from the grand-kids. That said, once your own children are out of the house, you might enjoy the transition into an age-specific neighborhood.

Lowered Cost of Living

Big houses are great, but are they as great as an extra vacation or two a year? If you decide to downsize — especially into a condo-community — expect the following:

  • Reduced monthly expenses.
  • Fewer real estate taxes.
  • Lower utility costs.
  • Lower insurance costs.

Travel & Lifestyle

Vacations are expensive! Fortunately, our homes aren’t. It’s quite likely that the home you live in now is worth more than a NewRock-built bungalow condo, located in one of our five Adult Living Communities.

And, most premium Adult Living Communities take care of your lawn, snow removal, and all other outdoor maintenance… freeing you up to take off for a few weeks without enlisting the help of friends or family! To learn more about the maintenance-free lifestyle, check out this article.

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